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Welcome to the East Bundaberg Veterinary blog. On this page we will be uploading posts about topics such as pet health care, interesting cases and new products, just to name a few things. To see our old blog site follow the link to our blogspot site at eastbundabergvet.blogspot.com.au.

Dental Care

Another soapbox I often stand on (I have many of them and lots and lots of opinions on many different aspects of life - I just need someone to listen to these opinions) is the dental care of our furry animal friends. The biggest condition (or deterioration) our...

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Dental Month

This month is Dental Month, and we encourage ALL owners of dogs and cats to examine the teeth and gums of their animals - looking for discolouration of the teeth, redness of the gums, swelling of the gums or just halitosis (bad breath). If your dog or cat has any of...

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Road Works – basically finished

The Main Roads people have basically finished renovating the road outside our animal hospital and after 3 months of frustration the road is open for normal traffic. I think it is important for all clients who are travelling from the Bargara direction to know -...

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Snake Patrol

We have already seen a few cases of snake envenomation (snake bite) and we think all clients should be aware of the dangers of our animals playing with snakes. At the moment the snakes are starting to move around and bask in the warmth of spring and they are very...

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Dental Month News

There is the saying “You do not have to be mad, but it helps” that seems to apply to the month of August when we have “Dental Month”. For the last month we have been “flat strap” cleaning and polishing teeth of dogs and cats and fixing the oral problems that occurs in...

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September 2020

I am amazed how time flies when you are having fun (and how it crawls when times are tough) – it was only the other day I was sitting behind the wheel of my old Landcruiser (1995 model) as I bumped across the fields where I take my dogs for their daily walk with my...

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