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The Main Roads people have basically finished renovating the road outside our animal hospital and after 3 months of frustration the road is open for normal traffic. I think it is important for all clients who are travelling from the Bargara direction to know – motorists can enter the stripped lane in the middle of the road if they are turning right (into our parking area). You may enter the marked lane approximately 50 meters before you turn and that way you can wait for a break in the oncoming traffic without impeding the flow of the traffic that is travelling towards the city centre.

I have overheard a few people stating that you (the motorist) must do a U turn at the lights past our hospital, and this is wrong! Just put on your indicator, pull into the middle-marked lane, and wait for the opportunity to drive safely into our driveway. If you want more information on this subject, then jump onto the Main Roads website or go onto YouTube.

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