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red german boxer dog runs with a toy in his mouth


We have two veterinarians who have an interest in animal behaviour and we encourage owners who have problems with the behaviour of their animal to make an appointment and discuss the problem with one of our trained veterinarians.

Behavioural problems are identified as one of the biggest problems that owners have with their animal and studies have shown that 30% of the animals euthanased or surrendered to animal shelters every year is directly associated with behavioural problems the owner was experiencing with the animal.

Behavioural problems are common but owners do not seem to want to talk about the problems until they are too late or just want to “sort out the problem” themselves without having any real knowledge of why the animal is doing something and what can be done to rectify the problem.

One of our veterinarians has a very special interest in this field and has spent some time undergoing external education to maximise his knowledge in this area so that he can not only offer advice but can also prescribe medication if appropriate to the problem.

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