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Over the last few months with the advent of Covid-19 virus – a few owners have been concerned with “going out” in public or have had financial concerns and have allowed their animal’s vaccination program to lapse. As we are still seeing some Dog getting a vaccineParvo cases as well as Cat Flu cases and we would encourage all owners to maintain a high level of immunity in their animal. We recommend a vaccination every year for dogs and cats (keep it simple is my belief – and for the last 46 years as a vet I have never regretted this yearly vaccination recommendation) so if your animal has not had its vaccination in the last 12 months then we would highly recommend you to contact us and get your animal vaccinated. If you are not sure when your animal had the last vaccination – give us a ring and we can let you know. Just ring 41531399 (East) or 41591009 (Bargara)

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