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Birds are very social creatures and in the wild, they spend the majority of their time foraging for food with their flock. When birds are kept in captivity they become bored easily, especially when they are at home in a cage by themselves. One of the best ways to keep your birds entertained is by using foraging toys. There are many good foraging toys available that encourage birds to play with the toy to get the food reward inside.


• Pair of scissors
• Toilet roll (unscented)
• Some shredded newspaper
• A few of your birds favourite treats (We suggest using vegetables, fruit, nuts or seed)


1. Poke some holes into the toilet toll
2. Stuff the shredded newspaper into the middle of the toilet roll
3. Put the tasty treats on each side of the newspaper
4. Poke some treats and newspaper through the holes in the toilet roll to encourage you bird to investigate further
5. Fold down the edges of the toilet roll to make it a challenge!
6. Sit back and enjoy watching your bird destroy the toy for a tasty reward
When first introducing your bird to foraging toys you can keep it simple by just placing treats inside an open toilet roll, once they get the hang of searching for food you can start folding down the edges and stuffing it with shredded paper.

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