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Dog trim

Some animals have long or thick coats that need clipping to remove these coats so that the animal can enjoy our warm months without suffering the intense heat accumulates under these coats. These animals were originally bred in cold countries of the world where it is important to keep the coat long or thick. But in our warm and hot climate it is important for the health and happiness of the animal to
allow the skin to “breathe” as well as keep the animal cool and comfortable. These animals should be clipped on a regular basis and NOW is the time to start.

We do have a Grooming Department where we have experienced staff who can assist you in hydrobathing and clipping your pet to make sure they stay comfortable and happy in our wonderful environment. All it takes for this to happen is for you to ring 41531399 (East) or 41591009 (Bargara) and make an appointment.

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