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Welcome to the East Bundaberg Veterinary blog. On this page we will be uploading posts about topics such as pet health care, interesting cases and new products, just to name a few things. To see our old blog site follow the link to our blogspot site at eastbundabergvet.blogspot.com.au.

Canine Spinal Problems

Spinal problems – a common problem with dogs The spine is made up of little individual bones called vertebrae, and in between those bones are ‘shock absorbers’ called discs. These discs are made from a material that is relatively soft and can expand...

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Vomiting Dogs A Common Problem

A common problem seen in our canine friends is that they often want to evacuate their stomachs in the most inappropriate places at the most inappropriate times. It always seems to happen when you have visitors, or on public holidays when veterinarians will charge an...

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Inturned Eyelids

Inturned Eyelids – A cause of chronic conjunctivitis This is a common problem with certain breeds of dogs -, especially Rottweillers. It is occasionally seen in cats, horses and cattle. In fact, I once did a lot of work for a stud breeder of Brahman cattle (in...

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What to do when your pet stops eating

Doc – My pet is a bit off colour!!! There is not a week that goes past that we don’t get at least three phone calls from concerned clients (and sometimes pet owners who are not our clients) because their animal is not eating properly and is a bit sluggish...

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Bathing Your Pet

Every summer we see a lot of animals presented at our hospital with skin problems that are either caused by the shampoos the owner uses or the conditioner has been propagated by the shampoo the owner uses. Most people know that certain shampoo and conditioners are...

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Enlarged Hearts in Cats

Let’s talk about Feline Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy also known as enlarged hearts in cats. This hypertrophic cardiomyopathy in cats (commonly known as HCM) used to be very common as a lot of homemade food was missing an important ingredient called Taurine. But...

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When Your Pet Gets Bitten By a Snake

This time of year always keeps veterinarians busy with snake bite cases. The main offender appears to be The Brown Snake but occasionally we see other cases of animal affected by snakes. As snakes are cold-blooded – they hibernate in winter but are very active...

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Head Trauma – A Matter of Minutes

Have you ever wondered what happens to your animal friends when they are unfortunate enough to have an accident with a car, or any other object that can inflict serious damage to the head and upper neck area? The sequence of events should go something like this: the...

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Bladder Problems During the Colder Months

There is definitely an increase in the incidence of urinary problems in the cooler and cold months of the year in family pets The big reason for his increase is the longer hours of night and the cold weather makes the animals less active. Also because it is cold at...

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