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The month of April has come and gone, and we are getting more and more used to dealing with regulations of preventing the Covid-19 virus from infecting anyone who enters our building. We have taken on board every recommendation from the Government Health Department and we spend a huge amount of time every day making sure every room, every table, every door handle etc is disinfected between every client and their animal. We also spend time between every client and after handling every animal in washing our hands and using Hand Sanitizer to make sure we are not putting anyone (our selves and our clients) at risk of contracting the virus in our establishment.

It has become normal to make sure everyone is keeping at least 1.5 meters apart and that does mean that owners are not allowed to hold their animal when we (the staff) are examining your animal. It is important, at all times, that you – the owner and client – are never at any risk of catching this very serious virus.

Despite talks by certain Government agencies of relaxing some of the rules associated with Covid-19 – we will be maintaining our strict rules and regulations until such time as a vaccination is available to the general public. And I cannot see that happening this year (and possibly longer). So, we do ask everyone who enters our building – please play by our RULES. Please only enter the building when you are invited. Please keep your distance from other owners and our staff members. Please do use the Hand Sanitizer at the front door BEFORE entering and again when leaving the building. Please follow any direction given to you by one of our staff members. Let us all play by the rules – so that we can all look back on this moment in our lives and tell our grandchildren about the time “When we survived Coronavirus”. Always remember – the life that you save may be your own or someone near and dear to you.

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