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It is time to get your dog hydrobathed, to remove the built-up dead skin cells and “crud” that has accumulated over winter. There is lots of animals who have short coats and do not need clipping, but all animals develop a different hair coat over the Cartoon of dog in bathcolder months to assist keeping their body warm. These changes in the coat over winter increase the retention of oils and “sebum” so that the heat of the animal is retained (keeps the animal warmer) but in our warm spring months this same “crud” can stop the skin from “breathing” and lead to severe discomfort and itching. It is best to remove this material by a deep cleansing hydrobath using the appropriate shampoo and conditioner. Not all animals have the same skin type and hair characteristics and it is important not to create a bigger problem by using the wrong shampoo on your animal (most owners know that there are some shampoos and conditioners that good for their own hair and some are not good and cause problems if they are used).

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