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As we are all aware – the Olympic Games is being held in Japan next year and I thought I would give it “one more shot” at being picked to represent Australia in one of the events. Now as people soon realise when they meet me – I have a pristine Fat man joggingbody that oozes health and “fitness” – I just hide it well under a thick layer of fat and flab.

Where normal athletes need to train for years and compete at the highest levels in their chosen sport so that they gain experience and competence – I have a natural gift that allows me to “eat my way through life” and to have minimum preparation time before entering the main arena of competitive sport (as my loving, caring wife would say “You could train for years and you would be no better than you are now”).

I believe the Olympics is in September 2021 so that gives me approximately 2 months to “think about competing”, 2 months to “talk about competing”, 2 months to “research the sport” (that means watching You Tubes on how to actually do the event) and then around 3 months to start the training and get picked to represent Australia in the actual Games. I have yet to decide what event or what sport I will compete in but with my natural ability I may even compete in a number of events or just do the Decathlon.

Now I do not want to peak too early so I will leave the heavy training program that involves at least 20 minutes each day of intense mental and physical exercise until mid-2021, but I have decided to start practice the tapering period that will be necessary. This means for the next month I will not exercise, relax more and mentally prepare myself by sleeping more.

I cannot see how I can fail – Olympic Games – here I come!

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