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Well again the editor of this newsletter has left me a postage stamp size area to write in and that means I am limited by what I want to talk about. You would think by now, having written this column in the monthly newsletter for over 20 years, that the editor would realise that I need at least a full page to really express my opinion on subjects of interest or to write about my exploits in trying to become the oldest competitor in the next Olympic Games. But no – the editor waffles on and on about mundane subjects like the health of animals or how the owners can save money and leaves the most interesting article only a minuscule area to write on, and also puts my article last in the newsletter rather than at the beginning of the newsletter. It is enough to make me want to put down my pen, throw away the keyboard and go and write for another newsletter – let him see how interesting his newsletter would be without my column. I will have to have a stiff talk to the editor and get this sorted. Until next time – Davo.

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