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I am caught in a dilemma – I set a New Year’s Resolution in January this year to lose some weight (to be honest – a lot of weight) and I have just stood on the bathroom scales. Now the fact that the scales let out a huge sigh and then waved a white flag as I got on them was a bit of a give-away that I had not achieved my goal. The next indication was the way the gauge on the scale went into the “red zone” before a funny noise came out of the machine and then smoke started to ooze out of the sides. But the final indication was when the whole machine suddenly collapsed in the middle and the inner workings of the machine started to fire out the sides and hit the walls of the bathroom.

Now the dilemma is – do I now start a crash diet (not easy with Christmas a few days away) or do I eat up big so that I can use Man lighting page of paper with list of resolutionsthe same Resolution on the 1st January 2021.

I do not know about you – but thinking up new New Year Resolutions is not easy for me. I have always had the same old standards – lose weight, get fit, stop throwing golf clubs, be nice to my wife, stop rolling my eyes every time my son tells me how hard he is working, start listening when other golfers want to tell me about their game and how unlucky there were that the water hole got in the way of the flight of their golf ball or how the tree on the side of the fairway suddenly moved into the flight path of their ball, be more tolerant of drivers on the Ring Road who want to cut in front of other cars at the different intersections who have all lined up behind each other waiting patiently for the lights to turn green and finally – to start believing politicians who tell me they care for the environment and that they really do care about people like me.

Decisions, decisions – I think I will take a family pizza and a tub of ice cream out on the veranda (brain food) and consider this dilemma. Hopefully, it will take me a good 31 days to make the decision.

Thank you all for 2020 and have a very safe and healthy Christmas – each and every one of you have made 2020 enjoyable and memorable.

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