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It is New years Eve and I sit at my computer contemplating the year that’s gone and the year that is yet to happen. I do not know about you but I always take this opportunity to set new goals for the year ahead – be it personal goals such as getting fit, losing weight, take the dogs for more walks, laugh a lot more, stop yelling at motorists when they race pass me on the Ring Road, lower my handicap at golf, be a better person (if that was possible) and to help more around the house (my wife often comments that at least I cannot help any less than I already do), let my wife catch more fish etc. Then there are the professional goals – read more journals, study more books, watch more webinars, be available to assist the younger staff in my business, be more encouraging to the manager, stop wearing maroon shirts (manager does not like the maroon colour) etc.

Now I know I look young, but it may surprise a lot of clients to know that I have been in this profession for over 45 years and I have walked this earth for a few years longer than that. So I can claim to have some experience in making New Year resolutions and also some experience in actually making them happen (or not happen in most cases). I find, as a general rule, that most resolutions (or “wishes”) usually last around 2 – 3 days (and in some cases a lot shorter time) while other resolutions may last as long as 3 weeks (usually associated with joining gyms to get fit) before old habits start to reoccur and I slide back into my normal habits and decide that the next year may the right time to start.

So I sit here making “The List” – it seems very similar to last year (and the year before that) but like all good dreamers I feel that 2020 is the year that all resolutions will happen. I intend to “hit the road running” and go on a diet tomorrow, I will join a gym and get fit and I start helping around the house (that noise you can hear is my wife laughing and making sarcastic sounds). Tomorrow I become a new person – a person with inner strength, a person of kindness (I am not sure my staff will recognise me), a person of tolerance (the Ring Road may become a quieter place to drive), a person who does not throw his golf clubs and yell at the little white ball (the golf club professional will make less money), a person who the whole world can look up to (if you are going to dream – dream big). But that is tomorrow and as we all know – tomorrow may never come. So, in the meantime I intend to continue eating chocolates and cakes, I will drive past the gym on the way to the golf club. For one last day – I will be myself and revel in the memories of how I became this person. I will enjoy the person I have become and I dream of the person that I will develop into. As I have already said – tomorrow may never come.

Have a great 2020 and thank you all for being very tolerant readers over the years and I look forward to talking to you over the next 45 years (I intend to live until I am 150 years of age – but that is another story for another time).

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