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A common problem seen in our canine friends is that they often want to evacuate their stomachs in the most inappropriate places at the most inappropriate times.

It always seems to happen when you have visitors, or on public holidays when veterinarians will charge an after hour fee to attend to the problem. And for some reason, the animal always wants to do it on your new carpet, or when laying on your bed right before you want to go to sleep

Your dog has the ability to empty its stomach nearly on command – all it needs to do is eat some grass, and then the majority of times – up come the contents of its stomach

In fact, the only reason dogs eat grass is to help settle contents of an upset stomach – the same as when we take an antacid when we have indigestion. So if you observe your family canine friend out there devouring the family lawns, then please be aware that your pet is not trying to help you mow the grass, but it’s telling you in its own way that your dog feels sick in the stomach

Most cases of vomiting we see in our profession is a condition called ‘garbage eating’ – this is where the dog has swallowed an object that is irritating their stomach. The main contributing factor AFTER this event is what the dog owners feed their animals

A dog in the wild will often go a few days without eating, but in domestication, it is unusual for a dog to go more than 24hrs without food. Then the owner usually uses food that is itself an irritant to the stomach such as dried or canned food. When in fact the vomiting dog needs intestinal rest for 24hrs or longer to allow the upset cells to heal

Because we are concerned about our canine friend we will use food as a judgement to how sick the dog is. We feel that if the dog eats then there cannot be too much wrong, and if the dog does not eat  then there must be a serious problem

The best thing we can do to help a vomiting animal is to hold back food for a day and only allow them access to water during that time. Then for the next week feed them food that is not irritant to the stomach – the best mixture I personally use is boiled chicken with no fat or skin (I boil the chicken twice to make sure there is not fat) mix the chicken with white rice, a small amount of potato and unprocessed natural bran.

If you need to actual recipe then please feel free to ring or contact us here and we will happily send it to you

However, before you start any home-based diagnosis and treatment it is important to make sure your dog is not in a more serious state that may require veterinary attention – you must be the judge of that depending on the mental and physical health of your pet

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