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We hear on the news, or read in the newspapers every week about how some poor innocent person going for a walk along a public road was attacked and seriously injured by some ‘rogue’ dog who has no training and a bad ‘attitude’

Well, in my own opinion there are very few animals with a bad ‘attitude’ – they are made that way by their owners either by actively encouraging the dog to be aggressive or by the owners being ignorant of the psychology of the dog and their own responsibilities in our society

A pup is born happy and content and will actively seek to be a member of our human family. But like all pack animals – they need a structure within the pack and they need to know and understand their boundaries.

Dogs need to understand that they are a part of our society and that when they are out of their own territory, they have no right to be aggressive or possessive.

Your dog will learn from the experiences it has from a young age – starting at 6 weeks. Your pet learns from the attitude and the teachings of people who own or look after the pup from this early age.

Sometimes these actions and attitudes are deliberate – silly people who want an aggressive dog to reflect their own antisocial behaviours. But as a general rule, these attitudes are a result of ignorance from the owners. They generally have no idea on how to train or socialise their animals

Puppies have a ‘window of opportunity’ where everything they learn is imprinted into their young brains and stays there for the rest of their lives. This small time span occurs between 6-14 weeks of age and is the best chance the owner has to establish the puppy as a full and happy member of our society.

At East Bundaberg Veterinary Hospital we are concerned about the welfare of the animals people who live in our society, so we decided to start a Puppy Pre-School

Our pre-school is a structured course where we teach your puppy how to socialise with other puppies and people. At the same time, we endeavour to pass on the information to you as a pet owner that will prepare you for the trials and tribulations that lies ahead as they become ‘good pet owners’

School is held at our clinic on Wednesday nights from 6 pm to 7 pm and each class goes for 4 weeks in total

It is important that all animals that attend puppy pre-school are booked in beforehand. Just contact us to enrol your puppy – you won’t regret it!

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