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I was reading a report last week in a professional magazine (Animal Medicines Australia AMA – article called ‘Pet Ownership in Australia 2016’). It stated that the public was putting as much value in the role of the vet in preventing illnesses as well as treating illnesses and injuries.

In this article it made the point that in 2013 the general public considered the vet’s main role was in treating an animal when it became sick or injured, but in 2016 72% of pet owners viewed the role of their veterinarian which was mainly to keep the animal healthy.

This change of attitude is very important from our point of view – I have always seen the primary role in my professional life was to prevent problems rather than just treat problems, and finally I am glad to see a change in the perspective of the general public to my profession.

This proactive approach to healthcare means that pets are sick less often and live longer.

“It also helps to avoid more serious illness which can lead to more time and money in treatments. It’s great to see pet owners working in partnership with their vets to develop a health plan that’s right for the owner, their pet and their budget” Dr Johnson said in the published article.

Prevention is very important – we can either spend some of our time and money preventing problems or we can spend a lot of our time and a huge amount of money treating problems. The choice is ours and we, as pet owners, have to realise that the welfare and happiness of our loved animal friend depends on the decisions we make.

Last year we developed 3 very comprehensive preventative programs that offer massive discounts to owners in the effort to encourage you (the pet owner) to keep your animal fit and healthy, by preventing problems as well as discounting treatments should your pet become injured or sick.

We understand that different animals and different owners have varying needs and wants when it comes to prevention programs. Some owners just want the basic prevention such as;

  • free vaccinations,
  • discounted heartworm and flea controls,
  • discounted worming medication,
  • free consultations
  • free revisit and
  • a comprehensive examination of their animal twice a  year to detect problems before they become life-threatening.

Other owners want all the above but also want to have;

  • 20% discount on all procedures and all medication
  • discounted cleansing shampoos,
  • free dental cleaning once a year etc.

We call these programs the Wellness Programs and each one is based on 55% discount on the cost of the total package. To assist owners – these Wellness Programs can be paid over a 12 month period allowing for easy budgeting so that the owner does not have to find the total amount of money in one “hit”.

If you are interested in developing a comprehensive prevention program for your dog or cat and if you want to be able to;

  • take your animal to the vet every day (if necessary) for free,
  • get discounts on all items bought and all services offered,
  • receive vaccinations, heartworm, worming and flea control for your animal to be a no charge
  • minimize the cost to yourself as well as allow you to pay for the program over 12 months

then we suggest you contact our staff on 41531399 or 41591009 and talk to Lynelle (our manager) and get all the information necessary to assist you making a decision.

Remember – the future health and happiness of your animals depends on decisions you make today.

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