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Hello All!

I am still pumped from last nights talk on a subject Im very passionate about – bird behaviour and training! A lot of people dont understand their pet birds natural instincts and body language which can lead to behavioural problems down the track, such as feather picking or biting.

Last night I gave a free presentation on bird behaviour, we had over 40 people attend, and if I do say so myself the night went very well. I talked about a range of subjects include common behavioural problems, training techniques and reading bird body language. I’d like to thank every one who attended and shared their stories about their birdy buddies.

I have added some fun training videos to youtube of Zazu learning to wave and target with the use of a ‘clicker’ and treats.

For more information on parrot training check out the bird section of the website or come in to have a chat to our friendly staff about your pet parrot!


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