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There are many mites that can live on our pet birds, some can even get into their air sacs (similar to lungs) and cause breathing problems. The most common mites we see are the fascial mite which causes an overgrown beak and crusting of the cere (nostrils) and legs. Body mites are also seen commonly and make birds very itchy and can cause skin problems.


Lice are not as common as mites but are still seen frequently on pets bird, especially chickens.  Lice also cause intense itching and can lead to destruction of feathers.


Body lice and mites can be treated with a special spray that you put on the birds and their surroundings. The fascial mite and air sac mites require oral treatment with an anti-parasitic drug.

Interesting fact

Adult mites have 8 legs and lice have 6 legs – not that you would want to be close enough to one to find out!

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