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One dreaded disease that we are seeing more and more of in cats in Bundaberg is AIDS.

This disease s similar to AIDS in humans but can not go from humans to cats or cats to humans

AIDS stands for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome and is caused by a virus that lives in the cells of the blood. It is spread by cats fighting and causing wounds and there is a mixing of the two animals blood.

It is becoming a major problem in our area as the virus gets a hold of a number of cats that roam the area at night. It is a disease that we will have to learn to live with – at the moment there is no vaccination against this deadly disease.

Your cat can get the virus now but not show any clinical signs for 10 years or longer. In some cases though the virus can kill your cat within months. It depends on the normal immune system of the animal and the state of health of the animal.

There is no cure for this disease and the only prevention that you can do is to ensure that your animal is not involved in any cat fights. Cats mainly roam at night and then is the time that territorial disputes are at their greatest.

Your cat may not leave the yard, but that does not stop other cats from entering your yard, especially at night. The other cat may consider your yard part of its territory and if it comes into contact with your cat then a fight will more than likely happen.

It is our opinion that ALL cats should be kept inside the house at night time – the same as your own family should not be roaming the streets at night. It seems to be acceptable to the general public that we keep ourselves safe in our houses at night, but to a lot of cat owners  – they feel that to confine their cat inside at night is cruel.

Our recommendation is to keep all cats inside from 7:00pm to 7:00am. You can easily keep them inside or even build a small area inside your house, or outside where they can eat and sleep comfortably.

Cats are very clean animals and as a general rule will use a litter tray quite happily. You only need to change the litter in the tray each day and supply them with food and water and they are more than happy.

The alternate can be life threatening to your cat and may become quite expensive if you cat contracts the AIDS disease

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