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Zazu had his first fly last Thursday. Since then he has taken off a few times a day, one time he even landed on top of the door and was very pleased with himself! He is still a very clumsy flier and not very good and going in the right direction but getting stronger every day.

He is also getting smarter each day, Dr Sheridan swears he is trying to say hello and he definately grunts when he doesnt want to do something! He is also getting very insistent on doing what he wants when he wants. He tries to boss Dr Sheridan’s Ridgeback X, Molly, around and climbs all over her while she is sleeping.

He is now on one night time feed a day and gets plenty of fresh pellets, a few sunflower seeds as a treat and fruit and vegetables every day. His favourite food is banana followed closely by peanut butter (or even better combining the two!).

Dr Sheridan is also starting clicker training with Zazu to try and get him to be a well behaved boy, she is hoping to do a Parrot Preschool at the clinic in a few months time to display the tricks he has learnt.

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