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Notice to all those people who belong to the Flat Earth Society – Long and thick coats on animals do NOT make them cooler!

Many times I have been in discussion with breeders and pet owners that dogs and cats with long or thick coats use these coats to keep the air cooler at the skin. I think I’ve heard this theory around 1000 times over my working life.

Now, there are also some people who believe that if you throw yourself off the roof of a house then it is possible to fly. I have known a lot of children who have disproved this theory!

Some people believe that chocolate that is given to you as a gift has no calories – I have personally disproved that theory many times.

Some people believe that if you pull a face when the wind changes that you will be left with that face forever. My mum used to tell me this theory along with crusts of bread make your hair curly.

There are lots of theories I hear in my profession that are wrong 

Theories such as;

  • some flea washes are “natural”,
  • Droughtmaster cattle do not need water to drink,
  • the Outer Afghanistan Racing Tadpole swims backwards to keep the water out of its eyes
  • and that long or thick-coated animals use the coat to keep their body cool.

Logic alone tells you – if you have a warm or hot base (the body that continues to have a temperature of 38.5 degrees), and if you put an insulation layer around it to stop the air from escaping (like a jumper or a wetsuit), then the air is going to become superheated. In other words – the air above the skin gets HOTTER!

Where does the cool air come from?

After 43 years of dealing with animals as a veterinarian, I have yet to see any animal become cooler as a direct result of the coat being thick.

If you own a dog or cat with a long or thick coat I would like to suggest the following;

  • Do NOT listen to the people who try to tell you that the long or thick coat is keeping your animal cool.
  • Do listen the millions of owners who regularly clip their animals and see the benefits to their pet – cooler, more comfortable, less skin problems more active and HAPPIER.

If you want to assist your animal in our hot and humid climate and the animal has a thick or long coat – please contact our groomers for a coat clipping to allow the hot air to escape and allow your pet to dissipate the heat into the atmosphere.

In other words – to make your animal cooler and happier.

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