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Every summer we see a lot of animals presented at our hospital with skin problems that are either caused by the shampoos the owner uses or the conditioner has been propagated by the shampoo the owner uses.

Most people know that certain shampoo and conditioners are harmful to their own hair, and over a number of years they eventually find a shampoo and conditioner that suits their hair type

But when they go to wash their dog or cat they grab the first wash that they see in the supermarket or at the local shop, and they use that on their pet. In some cases, the animal’s skin can handle the shampoo and all is well. In other cases, the skin gets very agitated and reacts in a way to protect itself

If the shampoo is used over and over again the body defences become exhausted and the skin becomes itchy. At the start of the itching and the accompanying smell – the owner starts to wash more often with the same shampoo and the problem becomes increased.

This continues until the animal starts to rub their hair and skin off their bodies and then eventually has to be taken to the vet to get the problem fixed.

Because of this problem becoming so large in the community, we decided to put in our own hydro bath and offer a service to the public where we will wash your animal with shampoos and conditioners that will not aggravate the skin

The shampoos and conditioners that we use are made by a Dermatologist in Brisbane to be used on animals in our harsh Queensland climate. Most shampoos made available in our shops are not made in Australia and the ones that ARE made in Australia are based on detergents that remove the natural oil from the skin. They often contain a fragrance that the owners like but irritate the skin.

The shampoos and conditioners that we use DO NOT contain insecticide at all

Insecticides can irritate the skin and for them to work they need to absorbed into the oil of the skin and hair that has just been removed by the shampoo.

We DO NOT recommend any insecticide to be used on cats or dogs unless you have a tick problem, then we only recommend a pyrethrin based rinse called PERMOXIN.

Should you want to have you animal hydrobathed at our hospital – we hydrobathe animals Monday – Saturday. Please contact us for an appointment


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