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One common problem that we encounter during winter and the cooler months is that people who own long haired dogs do not bath the animal when necessary because they are concerned that the animal will not dry properly in the shorter cooler days.

Therefore we see a lot of dogs with skin problems in winter that are not being treated properly because of this fear of causing the animal further discomfort

Obviously, some people get out the trusty old hair dryer and spend more time trying to dry the coat and in some cases they are cooking the animal’s skin.

Sadly, we have seen a few animals with burn areas on their skin from owners who are over zealous  with the hair dryers, and then that takes a great amount of time (and money) to get these areas to heal.

We do NOT recommend the use of hair dryers (or any other machine found in your home) that will apply heat to the skin to dry the coat of your pet

Other people spend more time rubbing the animal down with a towel (or three) and this method I find OK for your average animal – it can certainly give you a good aerobic workout at the same time, and your dog will love it! Its a bit like having a massage

But if your pet has a thick undercoat, even towel drying will not remove the water and shampoo from the skin itself

There is a solution for these animals – we recommend that you get your pet bathed and DRIED by a professional with the appropriate equipment that will properly dry your pet and not cause any damage to the skin

East Bundaberg Veterinary Hospital offers this service – we hydrobath your pet using an appropriate shampoo suited to you pets skin type. Then, we follow that up with special drying equipment more suited to your animal’s skin condition.

Our staff are fully trained in the use of this equipment and love using them. With the average cost of about $8.00 you can see that this is very cost effective solution

Should you want to schedule your pet in for a hydro bath then please contact us for an appointment

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