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Veterinarian – Full Time

East Bundaberg Veterinary Hospital requires a dedicated, caring veterinarian – a full time position

Position for a motivated veterinarian who wants to work in a comfortable well-equipped air-conditioned purpose-built small animal veterinary hospital being supported by well trained and caring nursing staff as well as extensively experienced and qualified veterinarians.

We would encourage both experienced veterinarians and new graduate veterinarians to apply for this position.

We are a 3-veterinarian business wanting to expand. We enjoy a friendly relationship with our clients, and we have an exceptional reputation for excellence and for results. Our workload revolves around dogs (70%), cats (25%) and avian (5%).

We are NOT a corporate business, we are privately owned and operated. Our primary role is to assist animals in their journey of life as well as making sure we enjoy our professional life and balance it with time away from the business.

We believe that to offer a high level of animal care we must have the time to discuss problems with the owners as well as time to examine the patient and time to do appropriate tests or treatments and discuss the outcomes with the owners. Consequently, we do not “pump through” our clientele and their furry friends.

We believe coming to work must be enjoyable for all staff members and we encourage each member of the staff to achieve the level of expertise and comfort that they have set for themselves. We encourage further education for all our veterinary staff and that includes conference leave (when we can get to conferences) every year, webinars, seminars, discussion between vets, membership to organisations such as the AVA and VIN and extensive library material both on computers and well as books and journals.

We hold staff meetings every week and we have a vet meeting every morning before work where any problems or queries can be discussed and (hopefully) solutions found. We have active participation in our puppy preschool as well as dog walks every month and puppy reunions every 3 months.

Veterinary Science, to us, is a way of life and we are looking for that caring qualified person who wants to join our team and develop their professional and personal skills to a high level.

We could go on and on about the equipment and the hospital itself, we could go on and on about Bundaberg and the surrounding areas with all its facilities. But you can get all the information you need by going onto the internet at our site www.eastbundabergvet.com.au or www.bundabergregion.org or you could open up Facebook and look at our site or the Bundaberg tourism site. 

What are we offering to do for the successful applicant?

  • This is a full-time position
  • Half Day off each week
  • 6 weeks holiday every year
  • 1 week conference leave every year
  • After working on a weekend, our vets get a 4-day break on the following weekend
  • All afterhours is on a rotational basis with other full-time staff members (we have a very low level of afterhour calls)
  • Monetary assistance with relocation and 1st year rent – to be negotiated with successful applicant
  • Constant support (including in afterhour work) if required (depends on level of experience, expertise and the level of confidence in the successful applicant)
  • Pay an “above award” wage in the 3-month trial period (wage starts at $80,000.00 for new graduate or 1st year graduate and goes up according to experience) and then negotiate a wage that is commensurate with your experience and expertise once the trial period is over

What do we want in return?

  • Enthusiasm for health and wellbeing of our patients
  • Enthusiasm for successful outcomes to treatments as well as preventions
  • Enthusiasm for profession and ongoing education
  • Enthusiasm for the ongoing success of the business
  • Enthusiasm to work in a team
  • Sense of humour and have the ability to laugh at oneself
  • Want to assist other staff members and participate in out-of- hour activities
  • Have an open mind with new ideas and new concepts of animal health care
  • Ability to leave your ego at the door when you enter
  • Ability to laugh WITH the staff and clients and not laugh AT the staff and clients
  • Have a positive attitude to life in general and to look to the future with wonder and excitement

If you require more information, then please contact our manager and we can supply you with as much information as you need.

If you feel this position is right for you, please email your application to

Lynelle (manager)
or phone 07 41531399

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