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Birds are the destroyers of the animal kingdom – there is nothing they love more than tearing paper, cardboard and wood to tiny little pieces (as some of my furniture has found out!). It is there for very important to pick toys that are safe for birds.
What toys to avoid:
·         Painted toys – some paint contains lead and can lead to heavy metal poisoning
·         Fibrous toys such as ropes – these toys are ok if the bird is not chewing at them but can form blockages in the birds intestines if  they eat a lot of tiny pieces of fur or rope
·         Soft plastic – easy for the bird to chew up and swallow
·         Metal toys – if the bird chips away at the metal and eats some they can get heavy metal poisoning
What toys are safe:
·         Paper or cardboard toys that are made to be destroyed
·         Natural dye
·         Wooden toys (should be removed if they become excessively destroyed!)
·         Hard plastics that the bird can not chew through
·         Natural toys such as malaleuca branches, bottle brush or some fresh long stemmed grass. Most native trees that you see other bird in are ok for our pets – just make sure they are rinsed and dried in the sun to remove any harmful chemicals or parasites
If you have any questions on good bird toys please don’t hesitate to contact the clinic for more information.
See our tutorial on making a safe bird toy!

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