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Microchips are a small device that is placed under the skin of the animal between the shoulder blades so that the animal’s owner can be identified. The device is placed under the skin by a registered veterinarian using a special syringe and plunger. The procedure is fast and generally pain free.

Animals need to be microchipped from a young age in Queensland – it is now the law that all dogs and cats that are sold or given away need to be microchipped.

From our point of view we encourage all owners to microchip their animal no matter what age the animal is. Sometimes we are presented with a damaged animal that has found on the road and unless we can identify the owner and get their permission we cannot instigate any treatment for that animal.

Microchipping is fast, simple and for life.

The price of microchipping at East Bundaberg Veterinary Hospital includes the microchip and implanting.


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