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Wellness Programs

Prevention and keeping our animals healthy and happy, so that they can lead a long enjoyable life is a big part of being a pet owner.

There have been a number of studies done throughout the world, to what the biggest hurdles that owners face when trying to keep their animals healthy and happy – “What would you, the owner, want from your vet to make life simpler when it comes to prevention and treatment of problems for your pet?”

ALL the owners replied:

Cost less (make prevention and treatment more affordable)

Knowing what is necessary

Knowing what the cost would be so we could budget

Being able to spread the cost over 12 months to make it more affordable.

We have addressed these 4 issues and have developed 3 Wellness Programs (Plans).

To address the “cost” – each program is developed for the different needs of different owners and ALL programs are based on a 55% discount of the procedures offered. Included in all 3 programs are FREE vaccinations, Free consultations, Free revisits, 2 Free comprehensive health examinations, Free nail trims, Free dental checks. Depending on each program there are a number of other free procedures and also substantial discounts on all preventative services and medication.

To address the “what” – each program includes a detailed list of all the preventative procedures that are necessary to maximize the health of your family pet, and in two of the plans there are discounts on medicines and services used to treat the sick or injured animal. Each program (plan) includes reminders, reports, handouts etc so that each owner is fully aware of what is necessary and when it is necessary.

To address the “budget” and “the 12 monthly spread of costs” – each program is available as either a “once off payment” or as a “12 month payment” where the owner pays 12 payments over the year.

We have examined all the different areas that every owner needs addressed to prevent problems for their furry friend. These areas include vaccinations against contagious and deadly diseases, intestinal worm control, heartworm control, flea control, nutrition, dental preventions, nail trims, anal gland problems, weight control, grooming, desexing and microchipping.

Then we examined what we could offer the owner in the unfortunate occurrence of the animal getting sick and injured. It is a sad fact of existence that most animals will, in a normal year, develop intestinal problems, have skin problems, maybe get an infected ear or will injure itself and require Veterinary intervention.

As much as we do not want to think about it – most animals will develop a lump or two, will get arthritis as it ages, will develop dental decay and some will get heart problems or even cancers.

After months of deliberation we have come up with 3 different programs that should appeal to most owners and will save the average owner a lot of money.

Wellness Program Advanced Ultimate
Vaccinations Free Free
Consultations Free Free
Revisits Free Free
2 Comprehensive consultations a year Free Free
Heartworm prevention 20% Discount Free
Worming Free Free
Flea control 20% Discount Free
Nail trim Free Free
Anal gland express Free Free
Microchipping Free Free
Yearly health blood test Free Free
Dental check – any Free Free
Weight control program Free Free
Dental cleaning (not extractions) 20% Discount Free
Desexing (1st 2 years of life) 20% Discount 50% Discount
Food 10% Discount 10% Discount
Grooming 10% Discount 20% Discount
Hydrobath 10% Discount 20% Discount
Services 10% Discount 20% Discount
Medication 10% Discount 20% Discount
Merchandise 10% Discount 20% Discount

“In 42 years of working as a Veterinarian I have never seen better programs than these 3 Wellness Plans – they offer affordable preventative procedures at a massive discounted rate and I would recommend to all clients that they have a good look at these plans and consider registering.” Dr David Challen, Practice Owner

Not only are these plans based on prevention, but they all have free consultations and free revisits for the year that applies to animals when they are sick, injured or whatever you want to use them for. The top two programs also have discounts on all medicine and services used to diagnose and treat your animal.

If anyone is interested in learning more about these programs – please contact our reception staff on 41531399 EAST or 41591009 BARGARA and we will get our Wellness Program staff to send you some more information, They are more than willing to talk over the phone or make a time for you to come and have a discussion about these programs and how they can assist your animal.

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