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Welcome to the East Bundaberg Veterinary blog. On this page we will be uploading posts about topics such as pet health care, interesting cases and new products, just to name a few things. To see our old blog site follow the link to our blogspot site at eastbundabergvet.blogspot.com.au.

To All Those Well Meaning Neighbours

Every so often we are presented with an animal that is choking from eating a bone or the animal has a perforated bowel from eating cooked bones. In some of these cases, the owner admits that they are to blame, but in other cases it’s not the owner that’s...

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Sore Eye Problems in Pets

Every year we are presented with animals with sore eye problems – in some cases, the animal can not even open their eyelids, and in others, the animal is squinting when in bright light, others are rubbing their eyes and some have a heavy discharge. There are a...

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Male cats are prone to urinary problems

The male cat has a very unusual urinary system in that it naturally produces minute crystals made from salts secreted by the kidney. The crystals also form around the cells that are sloughed from the bladder wall and can be seen with the naked eye and appear like sand...

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Bathing Your Animals in Winter

One common problem that we encounter during winter and the cooler months is that people who own long haired dogs do not bath the animal when necessary because they are concerned that the animal will not dry properly in the shorter cooler days. Therefore we see a lot...

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A common problem with puppy teeth

Baby teeth in animals can cause permanent problems Dental problems, especially in dogs are becoming increasingly more common and luckily the modern dog owner recognises that veterinary intervention is necessary at an early stage. One common problem we see here at East...

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Is your female puppy doing this?

Juvenile Vaginitis – A Pain In The Rear End We are often presented with young puppies here at East Bundaberg Veterinary Clinic, that are showing signs of white or yellow discharge from the vulva. Sometimes the owners are aware of the problem and come see us...

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Can my pet get stressed

Yes! Stress can also affect your pets A well recognised conditition that effects humans as part of our society that we live in is stress related conditions. This syndrome of problems can include; heart problems, skin problems, internal organ disfunction, as well as...

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