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Welcome to the East Bundaberg Veterinary blog. On this page we will be uploading posts about topics such as pet health care, interesting cases and new products, just to name a few things. To see our old blog site follow the link to our blogspot site at eastbundabergvet.blogspot.com.au.

Is your female puppy doing this?

Juvenile Vaginitis – A Pain In The Rear End We are often presented with young puppies here at East Bundaberg Veterinary Clinic, that are showing signs of white or yellow discharge from the vulva. Sometimes the owners are aware of the problem and come see us...

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Can my pet get stressed

Yes! Stress can also affect your pets A well recognised conditition that effects humans as part of our society that we live in is stress related conditions. This syndrome of problems can include; heart problems, skin problems, internal organ disfunction, as well as...

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Why does my dog dig

Digging is a component of normal dog behavior. Domestic dogs dig for the following reasons; To mark a scrape on elimination to bury something to uncover something they perceive as buried to thermoregulate, and to play with something that plays back Digging as part of...

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Pyotraumatic Dermatitis (Hot Spots)

What is Pyotraumatic Dermatitis (Hot Spots)? This condition is a common occurrence in the canine species and occasionally in the feline species. The actual causative agent is bacteria called Staphylococcal aureus – this bacteria lives on normal skin and only...

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Tapeworm that affects cats and dogs

What is Spirometra? Spirometra is a type of tapeworm that affects both cats and dogs in our are of Bundaberg, Queensland. The biggest problem is that this tapeworm is NOT killed by the normal tablets that pet owners would normally buy when they ‘worm’...

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Cats and flea control

Everything You Need to Know About Cats and Flea Control This week I’ve have had a few phone calls from owners concerned that their cat has fleas and what can they do about those pesky parasites. Before I get started I want everyone to understand that cats are...

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Should I Clean My Pets Ears

Should I clean the “dirt” out of my dog’s or cat’s ears? With the weather so humid and hot at the moment we are seeing lots of ear problems associated with dogs and cats (especially dogs) and on a daily basis I have discussions with clients who feel their animal has...

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Over weight or just under tall?

Overweight or just under tall? That is the question some owners have to answer regarding their loved furry friend. There is rarely a day that goes past in my veterinary life where I am not seeing or discussing “weight” about an animal with an owner (or two). Most of...

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Deep Follicle Cleansing Shampoo Vs a Hydrobath

When is a Deep Follicle Cleansing Shampoo not a Hydrobath? The problem with the use of the term “hydrobath” is that the it implies that what your animal undergoes is “special” and different to any other bath that the owner can give the animal. Let’s me start at the...

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